LGBT rights: HRC

Reproductive rights: 

Pew - faith positions on abortion

Religious Institute - faith positions on birth control

  • Welcome Week in Fargo:  Sept. 12-20, 2015, there will be several local events celebrating unity and diversity. One event is a community meal on Sunday, Sept. 13, at Rabanus Park. This is a great chance to meet some of our New American neighbors, share food stories, get a garden tour, and witness some wonderful performances from members of the Bhutanese and West African communities. 
  • For details of the community meal and the many other Welcome Week activities, check out the Facebook event for Welcome Week 2015: https://www.facebook.com/events/1648472215372620/  
  • To sign up for the meal and to sign up to volunteer for the meal, go here:http://communitytable.weebly.com/

Action Alerts / Opportunities to Engage:

Human Rights

Equality for all people is a cornerstone for Faith Forward members. 

We respect the dignity and worth of every North Dakotan and welcome them in our communities. 

LGBT rights 

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender North Dakotans have found organized religion to be a source of both peace and pain:  some have received support from their faith community, others have been condemned. Faith Forward supports efforts that eliminate LGBT discrimination.

Reproductive rights

We believe that all North Dakotans should have the freedom to make the deeply personal decisions about their own reproduction. We support access to contraception; comprehensive and evidence-based sex education; and a woman’s right to choose whether and when to have children.

Religious freedom and acceptance

Our religious freedom means we have the right to exercise our own beliefs. Religious freedom also gives us the right not to have others’ religious beliefs forced upon us. We believe that North Dakota should be a place where others’ religions are respected and welcomed, just as North Dakotans should respect and welcome people irrespective of their race, class, sex or ability.